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Wealth Creation

Do you want to pay off your mortgage in 6-10 years?

Dreamstreet has established a specialised department called Platinum Clients which is a department which shows clients how to pay off their home loan in 6-10 years. The Platinum Clients department was established when we found that our clients were shown how to get into a home loan but never shown how to pay it off sooner.

We provide our clients with a path to wealth creation and assistance in paying their home loan much sooner with our special in house Wealth Creation team. The objectives are twofold:

Debt Management

Customers are provided with targeted strategies to create an investment property portfolio with the goal of eliminating their mortgage and other debts. This is achieved through a tailored selection of mortgage products, taking advantage of tax allowances and incentives as well as benefiting from future capital gains.

Wealth Creation

We provide a dedicated service to our customers wanting to commence or grow their property portfolio. This process involves finding the investment property, arranging the finance and providing due diligence reports that analyses capital growth, demographics and the rental market. This service extends to the ongoing review and management of the property portfolio.

To learn more about how we can get you on the path to paying off your home loan sooner and creating wealth for your future, leave your contact details with one of our team members.