Don't Dream it. Dreamstreet it!

Dreamstreet is a specialised lending company offering our customers big service and small costs that banks and online lenders only dream of.

With no shareholders and no bricks and mortar, we save on overheads and you save on your loans – without compromise on service. With your own dedicated mortgage consultant who comes to visit you, it’s a dream come true.

Dreamstreet is a big supporter of the local community and sponsor a number of sporting groups, charities and projects. Keep in touch on our social media channels to join in and even win one of our regular #dreamseat competitions.

Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia member since 2002

Community Partnerships

The right sized lender

The banking industry is overly focused on interest rates, but cutting rates isn’t always how you save the most cost on your loans. Sometimes a low rate also means poor service. A lender’s product may not be quite right for you, or you might have multiple loans that just don’t add up. You may find a low rate, but ultimately you could be paying more on your loan in the long run.

At Dreamstreet we’re focused on providing value to our customers. We’re flexible about how we come up with the right loan for you as well as cutting your costs. We have all types of loans under the one roof, so we can provide simple solutions for your needs from the complex Australian lending landscape.

You will only have one dedicated mortgage consultant to pick up the phone and talk to. Yes, you speak with real people at Dreamstreet!


With big banks being too big and online lenders too small,
Dreamstreet is just right!

Get a local expert on your side

  • We don’t waste money on bricks and mortar or lots of shareholders. All our savings in overheads come back to you
  • Our mortgage consultants will come to you and take time to fully understand your needs
  • Our loan process is fast and easy because we assess, approve and manage your loan in-house
  • We tailor solutions to cut the cost of loans, but never cut our service standards
  • All types of loans under the one roof
  • You will speak directly to one of our team and we’ll keep you informed along the way

Our Management Team

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Who is Dreamstreet Lending?

We are one of Australia’s leading financial institutions and have been operating in the Victorian community for 30 years. We assess, approve and manage client loans from start to finish.

Significantly, Dreamstreet is a private, family-like business. Our owner is John Hronis. We don’t have  big shareholders taking our profits.

John started Dreamstreet because he felt there had to be a way to provide better service to clients. He was personally fed up with being put ‘on hold’ or hearing recorded messages when he called banks.

He created Dreamstreet to add to the customer experience and to cut wasteful expenses. John is passionate about offering real customer service and real real savings to our community.

Dreamstreet is also very active in the local community and a big supporter of sports and trades in Victoria in particular. We’re a down-to-earth business that cares about people and the community.

Why should I use Dreamstreet Lending?

In a nutshell, these are the things that our customers consistently tell us:

  • We are big on customer service, and low on costs. We offer great savings to our clients without cutting back on customer service because of our low- overhead business model.
  • We don’t force you into ‘off-the-shelf’ loan products. Instead, we work with you to find the best solutions for your individual needs.
  • We care more about cutting the cost of your loan/s than we do about published interest rates (which aren’t always what real savings are all about anyway).

We’re a family-like business and you get to deal with real people, including your own personal mortgage consultant. Remember the days of great customer service? That’s Dreamstreet!

Where does Dreamstreet Lending operate?

Please call us on 1300 230 240 to book an appointment and one of our mortgage consultants will come to you. We don’t have physical offices. Instead, we can come to you whenever and wherever it suits you. This is all a big part of us providing you with the Dreamstreet difference: big savings and big customer service!

Do you do Construction / Building Loans?

Absolutely! More here on that.

What is the maximum interest rate charged by Dreamstreet Lending?

If you have a current home loan with another bank, we guarantee that we’ll find you a better loan or we’ll give you $1,000* cash! We’re so confident we can save you, we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is. You can find more about our $1,000 challenge here.

We offer a variety of flexible home loans to cater for your individual situation. Currently the highest interest rate on a new home loan or refinance is 9.85% per annum.

However, the majority of our clients are offered an interest rate much lower than this, but if you have experienced credit issues such as bankruptcy this can affect the rate that’s offered to you.

FREE Expert Advice

That’s right, our advice is free! There are no hidden costs. Our focus is on finding the right loan for your needs and making your finance process hassle-free.

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